Geforce 4

I want to buy a Msi geforce 4 4600i, but they have a 64 mb versie and a 128 mb versie.

What is the best one, and why.

My system.

MSI KT3 Ultra 2 KT333 motherboard
CPU 1600+ AMD + 512 MB ram pc 2700.

The Distroyer.

All ready thanks fore the info… :bow:

I never knew there was a 64mb ver of GF4 ti 4600…neway if u want to keep ya card for more than six months then get the 128mb and if u gonna upgrade the card again in about 6 months time–>get the 64mb ver…cos NV30 will be coming out soon!!

The more memory the graphics card has, the frames it can buffer up and work on. I.e. while it’s display one frame, it can be working on the next few for the next time slices. This is more important when it comes to using high screen resolutions and anti-aliasing.

I.e., more memory will allow for more complex memory hogging graphics thus better graphics in games compared with a graphics card containing less memory. Note that you will need a high resolution monitor in order to handle high resolution graphics such as 1600x1200. This resolution may sound crazy, but I heard that the GF2 Ti card handles 1280x1024 without any problems in some games, although that’s without anti-aliasing.

64MB is recommended for today’s gaming, but I’d recommend going for the 128MB to future proof it a little.:wink:

with the ti4200 the higher the memory the lower the clock speeds of the memory.

hence, no performance gain.

beware of that.

I believe it’s ABIT, they have a 4200 clocked at 4400 speeds with a heat duct or something that keeps it quite cool…saw a link in the nvidia newgroup on my newserver but the 4200 has fast memory and will hold you til NV30 (at which point 9700 pro prices will be down)

One very important thing about Vga’s mems is the time access. Sometimes is better less RAM but with better time access, usually 3.3 nanonecs for 64 and 4 nsecs for 128 in 4200 GF4 cards. i don’t know how it is in the 4600 series, but look for it if U thinking in OC (less time access, more OC U can do, usually)