Geforce 4 Mx too noisy

So I removed the fan, tested the system for a couple hours, and it seems fine. But will I risk damaging the card, or decrease its performance by removing the fan?
I’ve already seen that there are fanless versions of this card according to the following links, so I’m thinking that I’ll be OK but wanted to check

From reviews i’ve seen most geforce 4 cards are fairly noisy but also suffer badly from heat as in generating to much.My own card is also noisy but would not run without fan,unless you have a very good air flow over the card to help cool it.

Put a drop of sewer oil under the fan’s label (centre) and it will silently spin for another year or longer. Usually, those cards with a fan show a much smaller heatsink.
Dont remove the fan…

sewer oil? Is that a joke? Anyway the system continued to run fine, but I decided to have another look at the fan today. I reconnected it (the fan power cable) to the card, but kept the fan seperate so it didn’t touch the card. I found that the fan itself is pretty quiet, and that it’s actually the metal of the geforce card vibrating that’s causing all the noise (when the fan is touching the card).
In any case case, I’ve found that even if I leave the system on for several hours, the chip of the geforce gets only a little warm, no warmer than say the firewire card beneath it. And I while I’m no big gamer, I ran the epsx and vivanonno emulators and performance was same as usual, which I’m perfectly happy with. And the system is so quiet now, that damn fan was louder than the noise generated by the psu and cpu fans plus the spinning of a HD put together. So while I appreciate your advice, with the existence of fanless mx 400’s provided by my links, plus given my first hand experience, I’ve decided not to reattach the fan.

ok let’s call it sewing machine oil - short sewer oil :wink:

No, it’s not a joke it works 100% - once the fan’s bearing is lubricated it runs silently forever!

You can get replacement heatsinks that perform better, or LARGE fanless ones.

I currently have a no-name Geforce 4 MX440 AGP 8x, that is originally fanless - the heatsink isn’t huge, nor is it tiny.

My previous Geforce 2MX was actually heatsinkless - the chip was bare.
Another fanless one - the heatsink is smaller than mine, but has more fins - it looks like a heatsink designed for a fan, as that fin pitch is really too tight for passive cooling.

always go ATI


Leave a fan on it

My geforce become noisy not long ago it in one of my other pc but it still buged me the fans on VGA CPU use bearings that clogg with dust they get slower over time and then one day stop… Clean it
It fixed mine

I have 10 fans in my main PC and now form working closely to Computers that brushles fans are quieter but don’t get the same rpm’s.
This is why all VGA fans and CPU fans use the noisy bering system.

I have a fanless geforce 4 mx 440 the heatsink is quite small. I think your card will survive and if it dies those cards cost like 20$ now.

Another good solution is to leave the fan of your GF4 card. If the PCI slot next to the GF4 is free, you can use the slot for a so-called slot-cooler. This is a cooler that sucks air in and blows it out through the slot in the back of the case. If you let such a cooler (80mm) run at 7V it will be about noiseless and it will cool your GF4 adaquately. And even better: it also lowers the temperature in the rest of your case!

Well I’ve been going bare-chip fanless for over a week now and I’m quite satisfied, and would recommend to other noisy geforce 4 mx users that they ditch the fan (or try going without for a few hours and see how it feels). But I suppose that might depend on the manufacturer (mine is SUMA [korean]) and whether you overclock or not (which I don’t).
Like I said before, it’s not the fan itself that makes the noise, but the contact of the fan to the card that causes it’s metal to vibrate and make noise(it was attached neatly).
Always go ATI? Had a ati tv tuner back in 2001 which abolutely refused to work without locking up, and not only did ATI tech support suck, they would not allow those particular updated drivers to be downloaded off the web (guess b/c they were tied to some multimedia software). I had to order the cd (but still “bootlegged” the drivers while waiting) and it still didn’t work. So once bitten, twice shy