GeForce 2 Ti OCing - possible?

I got a chaintech 2 Ti video card with current bios v.

I don’t know why, but i got a rush today to flash its bios with a newer version if available. After a little searching for it (didn’t find any bios versions at chaintech) and finally found this page:

NVidia bios collection

There i got a new bios version for my card and one for GeForce 2 Ultra (which is supposed to be a bit faster). So i got 3 questions:

  1. Is there any problem that the obtained rom files are not manufacturer specific? (they are not provided by chaintech)

  2. Is the bios version newer to version which i currently have (the flasher freezes when i enter a command to compare the 2 roms)

  3. Can i use the rom file that corresponds to the Ultra model safely and thus “OC” it ?

  1. Nope, no problem at all. In fact, you can change your card to the corresponding model of another manufacturer, such as Asus if you are inclined to do so. The catch is that after you change the BIOS, you cannot use any Chaintech-specific drivers. Not really a catch even anymore - most just modify the stock Nvidia drivers anyway.

  2. The version I see for the Ti is 04B20, which sounds like a beta to me. You’re probably fine with the BIOS you have.

  3. No. You cannot change it to a different kind of card. Believe me, for I have tried. I tried changing my 2 GTS to the Quadro version with just the BIOS and no soldering and whatnot. Black screen, had to flash it back blind. And those 2 cards have the same hardware. The device ID is contolled a chip and you must modify the resistors on the wires going in.

The way to OC your card is easy. Test out speeds using a software OCer, such as rivatuner or NVMax. When you find a good speed you can change the speeds in the video BIOS, using your own or the one from the site. Download the Nvidia BIOS Editor available at and either load your current BIOS from memory or load the downloaded BIOS by file. You can edit the speeds and also fast writes, side-band addressing, and the boot-up message. After you flash the BIOS with modified speeds, the changes affect all OS’s and are unaffected by software.

Thanx mate, i think i’ll stick to the bios version i am currently using - last thing i want is to use a beta (no time for black screens :wink: )

Although i do admit the idea of rebaptizing the card to an Ultra was appealing :slight_smile: