GeForce 2 question

Hi all

I have NVidia GeForce MX 100/200, 32 MB. My question: is it normal that its highest resolution is 1024x768? There isn’t any higher resolution that is just unavailable (greyed out). I’ve installed properly the drivers (not updated, but i think that’s not the problem). Could it be a BIOS setting? Any ideas?

Thanx in advance

What monitor are you using?
There’s a change your monitor doesn’t support higher resolutions then 1024x768.

Indeed, my monitor doesn’t support higher than 1024x768 (it’s a LG flatron 15’’ TFT), but i think that’s not it… I’ve seen many times cards that support higher resolutions than the monitor plugged, but they do show their highest, and when you chose it (if it isn’t greyd out), you get the message that the monitor is not capable of working @ this resolution…

I’m 100% sure that when you should attach a crt monitor that supports higher resolutions that the card will go higher.

I believe the highest resolution supported by the geforce² is 2048x1538 (if you have a monitor that can handle this)

There’s nothing wrong with your card.