Geez crap like this makes you want to pirate things

I am dead serious. You pay money for an original DVD and they stick it on some cheapass manufactured DVD that degrades faster than a G05. This has happened too many times for me to have any trust in pressed DVDs. I know my verbatim MCC02RG20 and MCC004 are never going to degrade this bad, if at all!

What’s the point of buying a boxset of something you like only to have it degrade after warranty has run out or receipts are lost. It’s like you are paying to own something that you have to copy multiple times on recorded media just in case it dies or is already dead out the box. What’s the point of owning an original that doesn’t work!?! Oh yeah I had to watch my favorite TV show on backed up media with reduced quality because my originals just decided to die for no reason! Awesome.

I’ve also had heaps of original dvds with unreadable spots and some that don’t even read right out of the box. What a joke.

This is bloody ridiculous. Are they asking people to pirate things? I am so reluctant right now to buy anything because I fear my hard earned money is going to degrade into oblivion. FFS and they have the nerve to try putting all these protections and BS on the stuff we pay for! Piss off.

Hey, don’t hold back - tell us how you really feel! :bigsmile:

I don’t think I’ve had a pressed DVD degraded on me yet (or maybe I just haven’t discovered it). I’ve had a few that didn’t play properly in my pickiest DVD player so I had to make copies in order to play them, however.

Lucky man, Mr Drage.

My gf and her family are big buyers of orginal DVDs and they’ve also come across some faulty discs.

Luckily, I have been able to backup that above scan without problems so I am somewhat happier than I was a couple minutes ago :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I’m going to have to go through all my originals and make some backups asap! lol I was too lazy and had too much trust it seems.

EDIT2: Crap I had another disc in my second BENQ drive and I ripped [I]that[/I] sucessfully! The other disc (posted in this thread) is still buggered!

is angry again :a

Funny you should make this post - I had a few pristine ones (older, pristine ones, admittedly) a couple of weeks or so back that wouldn’t even read in mutliple drives when I went to make a backup. So I’m stuck with those originals, which will still play on my standalone for now…haven’t tried scanning them, maybe I should.

I’ve had a few that wouldn’t read out of the box, but not many thank God.

Hehe, I’m happy I’m not the only person with these problems.

Lol, right now I am watching DVD decrypter try over and over on some bad spots lol. The liteon is very powerful, getting past many crappy spots :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like I’m going to buy some DL media to back some of this stuff up :stuck_out_tongue:

OH MY GOD. The LG 4167B has ZERO problems reading the disc back onto my HDD!!

My liteon needed over 200 retries and eventually gave up at the 3,925,316 mark! Lg read right past it with a little tiny slowdown but no read retries.

I always said my LG was a better reader than my liteon… but not that much better.

kisses 4167B

Wohoo, that is really interesting now.

Me thinks. :smiley:

That’s interesting…I never used my 4167B much for reading, but I might give it a shot soon on the discs I mentioned. Handy info :flower:

I have an LG external 2166 that is an excellent reader, not fast but excellent. It read scratched discs that other drives will not.:iagree:

i got band of brothers box set other day that the ps2 wont read the xbox wont read the 360 wont read all the 6 stand alone dvd players in this house wont read any of the 10 dvds and my pc drives wont and hmv wont take it back cos i took the cellpohane wrap off :frowning: :doh: and i paid 45 pounds for it :doh:

You’re kidding. The discs won’t play and HMV won’t take it back 'cos you took the wrapping off…well duh you had to do that in order to see that they don’t play :rolleyes:

its rediculous tried taking em back twice they wouldnt replace them wouldnt try them to prove that their faulty i dont want my money back just replacements , but then the manager did say theyve been having alot of people copy the dvds and take them back :doh:

this is the policy of most places. the should be willing to at least do an exchange however, but I can see why they wouldn’t let you just return it…otherwise it would be like a free rental!

if they won’t do an exchange then I’d escalate to the next level. if you’ve already spoken to the store manager, find out who the district manager is or go to corporate if you have to.

(you were posting at the same time I was apparently! and in that case, that’s awful that they won’t take an exchange!)

Yeah, I know (my mum worked in retail for years and you’re right, that is general policy)…but as you’ve said, an exchange should have been allowed, they shouldn’t have refused that.

Take it higher, Marcus :iagree:

Yeah im going to i only wanna watch band of brothers for christ sake i seem to miss ones on tv :doh: , going in tomorrow methinks see if theyll swap it again then ask for details of their district manager and who i complain too etc :slight_smile:

Good luck, you never know - you might get a less Bolshie assistant (or if you spoke to the manager, then he won’t be around ;)).

Edit: OK, just got off the phone from my mum (see how nice I am?) - within 14 days, if it’s faulty goods even if the wrapping is removed - they are obliged to give to an exchange OR a refund.

She said if nothing works, go to the Citizen’s Advice Bureau :slight_smile:

i dont understand though they swapped goonies when that wouldnt work but they wont swap this :doh: , all i want is band of brothers to work make backups of it and shelve it with my other 700 odd dvds :bow: (have a big collection of movies all legit before u say :p)

See my edit :slight_smile: - I emphasised to my mum that the wrapping had been removed, she said it makes no difference.

Edit: we’ve gone slightly OT here :doh: - sorry, cd pirate!

cheers arachne ure one in a million :bow: :bow: , ahwell thrash time in the gti :cool: :smiley:

According to CDFreaks statistics Arachne is actually one in 316,633 ! :bigsmile: :flower:

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