GEEKS.COM free shipping on orders over $50

they have the infamous SONY/NEC OPTIARC 7200A OR S $29.99
the A is going fast. the S they had at least 99 as of 1p.m.(E.S.T.)

GEEKS. COM sell alot of refurbed products and new and wacky stuff
I’m getting a 3rd “S” no maybe an “A”(both!)and $20 of junk:iagree:

oh,they also sell Khypermedia,Prime,GQ,CenDyne,Optium,& Kodak media. Pepst would love this place!:smiley:

it takes about 1 hour to view everything on that site, so start throwing things in your kart,'cause you may not find it again Happy Hunting!:wink:

I’m also on there mailing list and I have been waiting for this for a while, I picked up
some of there cheap cd envelopes 1.99 for 100 a bunch of cheap cooling fans a few keyboards and some other little stuff. It was a struggle to get my order over 50$ but I made it. They are a good source of odds and ends as long as shipping is free.