Gearhead Garage Backup

I’ve reached a bit of a conundrum here. I have purchased the game “Gearhead Garage” about 5 years ago when I found that it was a very fun game to play, Well, at least for a short while anyway. Since an unopened gearhead garage now sells for $60 from which I heard, I’ve decided to play the game again.

I’m going to make this topic pretty brief, yet I won’t leave out information you may or may not be wondering about. It was a long 5 years indeed, But I have lost my gearhead garage CD. I am aware of where it might be, But during moving and 5 years of hardship, I’m afraid it might have some irreparable damage. All I am asking is if someone could give me a link to a working Gearhead Garage game, I would be most appreciative. Like I said above, I legally own this game from purchasing from the official website and don’t feel I should have to pay for a game I already own.

Thank you.
-Tyler W.

Well, its not that we don’t trust you Tyman2007, but it is the [B]policy[/B] here not to allow requests for downloads of copyright protected material without permission of the copyright holders. Even a request for a working link is not allowed.

I am therefore required to close this thread, by the rules of the forum.