Gear Head DVD+R, $17 per 100?

Does anybody know who makes Gear Head DVD+R at … aid=17070, or anybody know anything about quality of this media?

If it wasn’t for the $25 main in rebate I might be willing to test them out…

Was thinking the exact same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

But not a bad price after the rebate and google checkout. Andif there crap more give away discs :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe I’d rather spend $35.00 on some 8x 100 pack Verbs at least you know what
you’re getting with them. :wink:

Too much money tied up waiting for the rebate, too many chances you will never get the rebate. If I saw it in a store, for $17 no rebate, I might pick up a spindle to play with.

I agree, the rebate kinda makes it not worth while.

I’m betting these are Optodisc. Place your bets.

Good thing you put question mark at the end of the title has Verbatim 100 disc in a spindle for around $14 AR with free shipping. Try those, too lazy to search for the link