GDR 8162B hex files


I have a dead drive due to an incomplete flash of GDR 8162B. I will need to use Mtkflash in DOS mode to flash the drive as the drive is not being recognized under WinXP. Has anyone attempted to revive a totally dead/unresponsive drive using Mtkflash?

Can someone point me to where I can obtain the Hex file needed for the flash to v.0033? The flashing program that is available is a .exe and does not contain the hex file I am looking for.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Because as for now, this is a totally dead DVD rom drive.



Try the way I described here to get the .hex file.


Thanks for your reply. I tried looking for the temp directory and just cannot find the file or temp directory. I wish I was able to locate the temp directory.

Thanks a lot for your interest.