Gda 4040b

hope this is the correct place to post, sorry if it’s not,

i’m wondering whats the difference between a GDA 4040B and a GSA 4040B, i have a JVC DR - MH30 dvd 160gig recorder and inside it is a GDA 4040B, for the life of me i cannot find a firmware flash to make it region free. I have a spare GSA 4040B lying around i wonder would i be able to swap these drives in the JVC?

It is.

i cannot find a firmware flash to make it region free.

Try here.

We have P201 firmware for the GDA-4040B, perhaps you can email us a summary (File, Save) from DiscInfo, and we’ll see if we can’t figure something out.

Brother Vlad

hi there- new face round here, i also have the same lg drive, a GDA 4040B in a jvc dvdrecorder.
did you guys have any luck with a firmware upgrade on this?
any help would be really great!


You should first find out WHAT EXACT firmware on this non-computer drive is.

It is not a firmware upgrade, rather a region free patched version.

Brother Vlad

thanks for the response guys, so you have a successful patch for this drive vlad?
that sounds exactly what im looking for!
i havent tried it, but would programs like dvd genie or region killer work on these kinds of drives?

Depends if the drive is installed in a PC or the player/recorder. The player would probably just work with an RPC1 drive with no additional modification.

The people we’ve spoken to generally complained about the slow write speeds when used in a PC, and have cross flashed it to a GSA-4040B.

The region free versions of the GDA-4040B would work in the PC like any other. The RPC1 version would need DVD Genie, Region Killer, etc.

Brother Vlad