GD NeroVison Express 3!

I capture HDTV videos from my Motorola 6412 cable box via Firewire and CapDVHS to my PC. I have the extention set to “.ts”. I edit and convert the clip using HDTVtoMPEG2. I check the resultant .mpg and all looks fine. I have (among other apps) Nero including the 5.1 plugin.

After adding the clip to NeroVison Express 3 I have a light gray bar on the bottom of the clip.

I have a clip I REALLY want to put on a DVD but THAT GD GRAY BAR is pissing me off. I can’t get rid of it/



Your going to need to process that video file and remove that bar. I have done the same thing and on some of my clips (Lost episode 2) I have a green bar on the right border. Process the video file with virtualdub (mpeg2 version) or any other video processing program and crop that part out. Once cropped, use the resulting video file in Nero to burn to DVD.

btw, do you get sync issues?

No synch issues! But that bar does not appear when I useTMPGEnc! I’m colorblind but I think it’s gray and it’s on the bottom and only appears with HD captures. I wonder if the new version 7 will have the same problem? I’m working with a HD capture of the Stat Pack. NICE stuff!

I do see the green bar when playing the TS file with VLC. The full frame may not show it on your tv because of overscan. I’ve been meaning to process this video file with virtualdub but Nero’s been kinda busy. btw, i asked about sync issues because i tried to encode to Nero Digital AVC mpeg4 format and the audio and video was out of sync. However, burning the files to DVD was fine.

Also, when you capture HD, do you do any post processing besides HDTV2mpeg?

Nope. I use CAPDVHS to capture via Firewire from my Motorola 6412 cable box/DVR. Then convert the .ts to .mpg using the aforementioned application. Then I have been using Nero to encode ,author and burn 5.1 DVDs.

EXCEPT for my HD captures. They have the GD gray bar on the bottom of the clip. The 16:9 clips.

I too have been getting the grey bar at the bottom of my captures. I have not been able to get rid of it as well. Has anything worked for you guys? Thanks