GCC-4522B dvd playback problem



I have a GCC-4522B that will not play back commercial or burnt copies of dvds (.VOB) Playing .VOB from a dvd will cause windows to lock. The strange thing is it will read a commercial dvd when i do a quick copy to my gsa-h22n burner and work fine. so basically playback is the problem, it reads them fine. also it burns all formats correctly and all other media playback works correctly. I just dont understand why it could read the data fine but lock when i try to play it. also playback works fine in my gsa-h22n so media player shouldnt be a problem. using firmware 2.10. i checked lgs site and the newest i could find is 1.04 so dont really want to go back that far; if anyone can link to updated firmware that would be appreiated also.


Doesn’t sound like a firmware issue, you need to double check your playback software, or try something else.

Brother Vlad