GCC-4521B firmware upgrade doubts



I had been the happy owner of a LG GCC4521B for sometime when I began to experience problems burning at high speeds. Changed the CD brands, but it didn’t seem to work. It was fine to burn at 8X, but then sometimes even at this speed it didn’t work. And sometimes it would burn at 8X but audio CD’s where not recognized on some players, and the Cd text wasn’t recorded. I bouhgt a DVD writer, and it is now the master in the second IDE channel, with the GCC combo as slave. The DVD writer is working properly, burning at top speed even the media de combo can’t do. Anyway, I decided that I want my speed back!!
After going thrugh the foruns, I found the following possible solutions:

1 -Power supply Unit (PSU). I have burned at top speed from the combo to the DVD-writer, without problem. I gess it excludes de PSU problem.

2 - firmware update. Here the thing gets tricky…

My drive was bought as an OEM drive, I mean, without a box, as LG brand. I installed it myself, but it didn’t came from my country. LG support here in Brazil tells me that I shouldn’t upgrade, as the drives may be different from another drives of the same model, made elsewhere. Sounds at least stupid to me, since all the firmwares from LG for a certain model come from the same place of the web (the korean site), regardless of which language or country you choose to start the download, and for other reasons. Does anyone believe it can be true, that the firmwre may not be fit for this particular drive (LG page from Brazil doesn’t even link to the firmware, but the french, australian, colombian sites give me the same firmware file for this model)

Is there any way to know if the firmware I am trying to install is fit to my drive before try to use it?

Second, if I use the wrong firmware, as the LG support inplies, is there any chance of my drive going dead? And for that, is there any hope?

I’ve found a post saying it would be gone for good, but this post, LG GCC 4521b (52x32x52x) error while updating firmware, points a possible solution to ressucitate a dead drive (the same model) after firmware update gone wrong.

And last, there are some reports of problems with firmware 1.05. If I go to 1.07, and find probs, is there any way to install an earlier version?

Enlight me gurus, please.


portion of README (firmware update 1.07 to this model)

Supported Drives

This firmware upgrade is for LG Branded drives. This upgrade is NOT
designed for drives manufactured for HP, IBM, Compaq, Dell or any
other OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers, please contact
the OEM for all firmware updates and support for your OEM drive."

you said your drive is LG Branded (it has the LG logo) and it is OEM
OEM drives have HP, COMPAQ, IBM Logos or NO LOGO
if your drive is LG it may be safe to proceed with the upgrade

LG equipments are assembeled in many places. In Brazil I supose the factory is in my state (Rio Grande do Sul) or in Zona Franca (Manaus)

all the LG units and partners (some third-party industries usually are licensed to assembely products from asian corporations… seagate hard drives are assembeled in sao bernardo do campo) use THE SAME PARTS for each drive, EXCEPT THE OEM drivers, that have minor changes, but they are critical to firmware, that is designed exclusively to that model

in other words
there are firmware variants to IBM-branded, HP-Branded, No-branded, etc
but there are no difference between LG-Branded made in korea and LG-Branded bought in your local PC store, miami, santa ifigenia, paraguay (hehehe)

maybe you’re interested in keep in touch… mail me sw5guilherme@yahoo.com.br

abraco e boa sorte, colega


It has the LG logo, but here drives sold to third part assemblers, without the box, are also called OEM. :confused: This drive came with a new “white box” computer I bought. That’s the source of confusion.

Thas was the point! Question answered… :cool: