GCC-4521B burning problems

Hi, im new here. couldnt find more matching forum area, so i ask here.

got 4521B combo drive for couple years now, have burned maybe 5 cdrs and couple rws succesfully with it (ya, been lazy solving things out)

most of the time the drive hangs at 5% with nero, during lead in.
led is flashing rapidly and i guess its jiggling the optics constantly.
after maybe 30min drive resumes to be operational, sometimes its
necessary to hard shut comp.

firmware should be 1.07, and been activating/disabling imapi thingy
media shouldnt be a problem neither, all fail.
cdr’s seemed to work better at the beginning, could be my imagination too.

somewhere i get the feeling that im not the only one with this issue,
and id really like to know is there a certain thing i should do to make
the drive work, or just replace it.

thanks in advance