Gcc-4120b = Gsa-4120b?

Hi folks,

I am sitting in front of an 15" TFT iMac (G4) which has a combo drive built in.
The system profiler calls it: “HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4120B”
Of course that device is from LG. Now I ask myself if this thing is a GSA 4120B and could burn DVDs and just has a different firmware which crippels it to a combo drive???
Apple is known for ordering special versions from its retailers (like other firmware etc.). Anybody got a clue?


Did Apple tell you your Apple has a DVD writer? Otherwise, it’s just a combo drive, not a DVD writer. The model name of your drive is GCC-4120B, a popular LG combo drive. GCC-4120B was released years ago. GSA-4120B was released May 2004.

As Kenshin says, the GCC-4120B is a combo drive and cannot burn DVDs. It is completely different from the GSA-4120B.