Hi All

I’m trying to find infomation on the “HL-DT-ST Combo GCC-4080B” but I can’t find anything on it at all, Just a bunch of useless paragraphs…

I’ve tried search a few times and found nothing

Can anyone help?

Either check the OEM site of the manufacturer or LGs support sites.

are you sure it’s GCC-[B]4080[/B]B ?

according to this site


CD Max Read = 32X
CD-R = 8x,4x,2x
CD-RW = 8x,4x,2x
DVD Max Read = 8X

Not sure on the specs & the site does not give any info in regards to DMA or Firmware info so if you need more info, take Chefs advice. :):slight_smile:

I just reliased it was 4480B!

go here:

click on the Owner’s Manuals icon
under ISP Goods click Combo Drives
No. 13 is [B]Combo Drive GCC-4480B[/B] click on the link for the pdf manual.