GCA-4040N refuses to write in Disc-at-Once?

Surely this drive is capable of DAO writing, but every writer software I’ve ever used has been unable to make it do such. I can’t find any firmware upgrades for it (it’s in an HP laptop and the only available upgrade is for Dell laptops) or any other info about people having this same issue.

What’s the deal?

Let me add that CDRWIN’s error message is this:

Error: ‘START DAO RECORDING’ command failed on device 1:0:0
Disc type is not supported

Does this really mean my burner can’t do DAO? I thought only reeeeally old burners were incapable of DAO.

I’ve fixed this issue by disabling “hide media type” under alcohol, but I still have the problem of not being able to make a music CD with no gaps between tracks. Even when I change the pregap time to zero, I still get enough of a skip that the tracks do not flow smoothly.