GBW-H20L Problems



[qanda]This thread is about the LG GBW-H20L. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Got the drive for Christmas for myself. I cannot make this drive even show up properly on any of the available PC’s I have here at home. On my personal machine I have a MSI P35 Platinum running VISTA Ultimate X64 and the drive will be recognized and get a drive letter, but basically :sad::(hoses the entire OS by making everything you click on unresponsive. I installed on both of the different SATA Controllers. If you try to explore it when it is empty it recognizes this and tells you to insert a disc.My computer will not open properly and it will not acknowledge any disc that has been put in it. The system is totally useless. Dont ask me why but the BIOS has the controller not set up as AHCI but as IDE.

I also have a MSI 865PE MAX running XP Pro . Drive will show up but will not realize any disc that is put in it. I tried both controllers on this board too. On this system there is nothing using SATA other than this drive. This system still works fine when the drive is installed but will not read any disc.

I tried plugging it in to an external enclosure that has USB and ESATA. Again the drive will show up but will not function at all.

This is all terribly dissapointing and I have to beleive I have a defective drive. I could really use some advice here. Should I just get the GGW or one of the Lite-Ons? A SATA Card? Does this drive need to be set up with he BIOS set to AHCI? If so couldn’t I just repair Vista and use the right AHCI drivers or would I have to redo the whole machine.Any ideas are appreciated


If the drive has issues in multiple PC’s, then it is likely hardware failure. RMA the drive.