Picked up an LG GBC-H20L a few weeks back to install in a new HTPC. Just running the PowerDVD 7.3 that came with the drive on a WinXP box. Things seemed fine at first as my first 5 blu-ray disks played fine. I then tried playing Underworld:Evolution and the Dutchess but the drive doesn’t recognize them. It cranks away for about 2 minutes after I put the disk in and finally gives up. I’m pretty sure its not a windows or application problem because my first boot device is set to be the blu-ray drive. If the disk is inserted during boot, I see the same 2 minute try-fail attempt before it continues to boot from the harddrive. Using a working disk, the drive realizes its not a boot disk in 5 seconds and moves on. The media looks pristine in both cases so I’m kinda stumped. Contacted LG but no response. I’m at firmware 1.B0 but neither the website or their ODD upgrade tool shows new firmware available. It just appears to be these titles. The working disks still work fine.

Anybody else have this drive and this problem?

Hi, I have the same drive (for about 6 months now) and recently it has been preventing me from booting up correctly. With no disc in the drive it seems to just keep trying to read something and sits in a loop with the PC waiting for it to confirm there is no disc.

Unplugging the drive solves the issue … I will try contacting LG as there does not seem to be any firmware update …

Did you ever solve this?