GBA linker and cartridge



Helo y’all

I have found a few sites where I can buy a GBA linker ( in case you don’t know what it is, it’s a device that allows you to backup your GBA games).
The linker itself isn’t that expensive but the cartridges cost up to 100 USD.
So my question is, does anybody knows where I could buy cartridges cheaper?

thx in advance hehe :slight_smile:


it’s also possible to upload them with a cable from you pc into a flash card, and then can you erase . I don’t have the link anymore, but i’ll look it up 4 ya


I know, that’s wy I want to buy it, but the cartridge is very expensive so I’m looking for the cheapest store/dealer aveliable (I’m from Belgium and going dutch hehehe :slight_smile: )


i requested a link from a shop who sells them on a friend of mine, but still haven’t had it


allright, thx



:slight_smile: L i k - S a n g R u L e z ! :slight_smile:


I already knew the site but thx anyway :slight_smile:

I am going to buy one 2


what the hell does carpe Diem mean anyway… in english…