GB (1024^3) vs GB (1000^3) disc size and file sizes

I’m trying to figure out what the max amount of data I can fit on a DVD is…

I see information reported with different tools, yet I’m confused what the reference sizing scheme is… engineering or marketing GB. I know 4.7GB(1000^3) is really 4.3 GB(1024^3)

I can find the number of blocks on a DVD and use that to calculate the disc size if I know what exactly the block size is in bytes… does any tool tell you this?

I’m trying to shrink a file down (AVI that’s 700MB that I need to get to <350MB) to archive a season of shows on one DVD.

Can anyone help me figure this out?

It depends on what media you have, and if your burner supports overburning.
You can actually get 4.5 gb of data onto a dvd quite easily with the right setup. But for safety sake, I usually stop at a max of 4.4gb. I’ve had good success with 4.4