Gays in the Anglican Church!

I personally don’t give a rats @ss as I don’t believe in God or follow the words of the bible, but hey it’s an interesting subject. So does anyone think that gays should be allowed to be the head of this religous order? Please also consider that many other faiths and beliefs (Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Bhuddism) fail to tolerate gays. So what one might say about Christianity should be considered for all. Oh and lets hold the racism down on this one!


If you call THAT a religion, go for it.

God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. :smiley:

Originally posted by cmr2004x
If you call THAT a religion, go for it.

God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. :smiley:

I am not religious, but if I was, the only appropriate response I would have is Amen

Actually, one of my friends who is christian told me something about having reference in the bible which is also against homosexuality. I never read so I can’t say for sure, but I think that every religion has a negative outlook on the gay community. But who I am nobody to judge, especially considering I am a 20min ride from manahattan, NY!!!

There are many views on homosexuality. Some say it is a matter of upbringing, others say it is in the genes. There are a lot of researches that contradict each other on this…what will be the truth noone knows. The fact remains that a lot of people have romantic (or lust…whatever) feelings towards members of their own sex.

I always wonder what this thing is people have against people who have these feelings. People often are labeled because they are different from others, everything that is not within their reach of comprehension is strange to them and should be banned (some more extreme than others).

Are people hurting you when they have these feelings? Would it be so much different to hear from a friend of the same sex that (s)he has a crush on you than it would be from a friend of the opposite sex that you do not share these romantic feelings for?

All religious writings are written in such a way they can be interpreted in various ways. People often quote parts that best serves their purpose. These parts can, placed out of context, be used to mislead the people. This applies to the Koran, Bible and all other religious manuscripts.

The above is only meant to leave you with a few questions to think about. I am not here to pass judgement on people and everybody is entitled to their own opinion, just keep it nice and clean.

AFAIK there has been evidence that homosexuality existed amongst humans even ten thousand years ago , long before any modern religion was invented/discovered/published.

If you see religion as a club , then you don’t have let everybody and everything be member of the club.

But if you see religion as a way of living in peaceful harmonoy with each other , everyone should be invited.

Its nice to see that the majority (from what has been reported in the Aus media) of people dont really care much.

Nothing like apathy.


Well, homosexuality kinda interferes with the notion of sex just for procreation. (Took me a bit to dispel the notion of no sex before marriage with my Catholic girlfriend :wink: ) but people deserve a faith. I personally dont really care for religion but if a person who believes in a faith is barred because of the person they are banging at home I see that as wrong. True, its against a tenet of the church but so is screwing altar boys…