Gay Lesbian Marriages:is it Legal in Your Country

In South Africa our Constituton Court now made it Legal for homosexuals to marry.
Being brought up Christian always thought it wrong .
Now later in Life cant point Fingers

I always found marriage hilarious, so I surely don’t hope it’s forced upon them poor “gay” people.

Not legal in Australia

But the typical aussie considers marriage to be about as serious as BeeR_DoG does anyway.

/me suspects that Gay just want the tax benefits that come with being legally identified as a couple.
But legal authorities recognise defacto couples (instead of just married couples) now anyway … so I maybe they’re just seeking approval from the general population :confused:

Once again, I suspect the typical occer is apathetic towards gays, and anything else for that matter, other than lazing around on the beach.


Legal in Canada… I think we’ve even had our first gay divorce too :doh:

In the USA it’s not a country made law here. It’s up to the individual states to vote and decide (may change in the future). Here in Missery we voted to ban gay marriages in our state constitution. Not sure how the other states have voted. I believe one or two of the eastern states allow it.

It is a silly argument, really.

If people want to preserve “Marriage” as between a man and woman, ok, then let’s just say for everybody else, you have a “Civil Union” with all the same rights, privledges and obligations as those who were “Married”, sans the relgious/church stuff.

It just seems so strange. Why do we feel the need to interfere in everybodies bedroom business? As long as we are dealing with consenting adults (16 years or older) then it seems to me we should back off and let folks be happy.

@topic: yes

Yes it is legal here in The Netherlands. In fact we were the first to legalize it!
And why not? Homosexuality is not a new thing, it’s been there for hundreds of centuries. If they wanna marry, give them the same benefits as all other marriages.

Because some people still belong to the pre-industrial ages. We humans in the early 21st century are not fully equalized.

The government should not be in the marriage business, that is a religious act. All marriages are civil unions. I think there are more important things that governments need to take care of like medical care etc, so make it a civil union for all and if couple wants blessing from a church then let them find one to bless it.


Off topic! sorry
And we’ll never be as long as we’re heading for “fortune”.

These words were spoken out by a spoiled Dane and should not be taken too seriously by people who live in a different/less spoiled culture.

No Gay “marriage” in NOT legal in Indiana

and I’m glad!!! :bigsmile: :clap: :clap: :clap:

P.S. if you do not like my veiws…I don’t care.

That’s absolutely right. All they want to do is try to legal legitimize deviant sexual behavior and make money doing it.

What’s next? Getting married to, and having sex with kids and animals???

There’s already an organization of old gay men that advocate molesting young boys as being “good for the boys”…wait till they try to legalize that!

You can be assured that the politically correct of the world will jump on the pedophile band wagon when they day comes…and it’s just around the corner :eek:

Besides from being against the whole marriage-thing! I am of cause all for equal rights between adult people, no matter what sexual orientation they have.

Bless the gay people and f*** conformity. :flower:

So you have no problem with child molestation??? What about sexually molesting animals???

I don’t see what this has to do with gay/lesbian marriages?

bless ya