Gateways new wireless DVD player features 802.11g

I just posted the article Gateways new wireless DVD player features 802.11g.

 Gateway has upgraded it's wireless DVD player with an 802.11g card,  the ADC-320 is up to five times faster than it's "b" predecessor. The unit can now theoretically stream up to...
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Looks like this article confuses the models available from Gateway. The ADC-320 is a DVD+R recorder and sells for $ 300. The “Connected DVD Player” is a player only and sells for $200. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time, but it’s slightly too expensive today. When they go on sale, I’ll definately be jumping on one or the other.:g

I think this article is correct. You are right it is confusing. the Gateway AR-230 is the 300 dollar recorder you are thinking of. (I hope) :slight_smile:

OH NO!!! Call the MPAA!!! This will allow DVD’s to be watched on 2 displays at once. We can’t allow that. (sarcasm) Lacrymator

…oh no that’s all right we’ll just charge you double for that disc… :+ Rather interestingly though, it does raise questions about broadcasting of discs doesn’t it? Imagine various TVs equipped to recieve the signal all within radius…they’ve not paid for the disc yet they’re watching it…we’ve taken the step from pirate radio to potential pirate TV braodcasts, even if they are only over a very short range. :d ummmmm, I’m telling teacher…!