Gateway starts sales of 41,3 Ghz PC's!

I just posted the article Gateway starts sales of 41,3 Ghz PC’s !.

Bolsonnn used our newssubmit to tell that Gateway sells 41,3 Ghz PC’s:

If you look at the bottom right on this page, Gateways sells their type E4600, and this one is equipped with:…

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Isn’t that what you use to host this site on now? :wink: Curious to see whther they have a provision to exclude typing errors, or else they could be in for a big surprise, legal wise :d Order it and demand they deliver what they advertise. They will probably either claim a typing error or a world record overclocking :c

U thick bastard it is not 43.1ghz it is a PENTIUM 4 1.3ghz dont c how u could mistake it as the 4 is on a different line

Ey blade take a closer look to the page (maybe click on the picture). hihi But hey is this for real?? A 41,3Gh?? Maybe i’m stupid but could someone please explain?? TheScape :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well just a small update. Ofcourse this is a mistake made by the Gateway Webmaster, but they changed it. Before the website really said, Pentium III 41,3 Ghz. They probably found out about their mistake and changed it…

Oh well, guess some people didn’t see the joke of this… Domi, you’re too smart :4