Gateway says goodbye to CD-ROMs - CD-RW standard now

I just posted the article Gateway says goodbye to CD-ROMs - CD-RW standard now.

Gateway has announced its new computer models. Nothing special except the fact that they will drop CD-ROMs. From now on every computer will have a CD-RW standard. People can still choose to have a…

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CDRW’s make sense to me instead of cdroms but getting rid of CRT monitor’s doesn’t. You can still buy a 22" CRT monitor for way less than it costs for a 17" LCD. People would still want that as an option.

Stop shipping with CD-ROM drives is quite obvious as CD-RW drives are so cheap now. I know some people who will not go far a flat panel, even if it were as cheap as a CRT monitor. While a flat panel is flicker free, compact and has a very sharp picture, the colour reproduction is not as good as a CRT. I got a 15" flat panel recently and am rather happy with it. I put it next to a 15" CRT and the picture on the flat panel was very sharp compared with the CRT, but colour images look better on the CRT. The flat panel has about 2" more viewable area than the same ‘size’ CRT, i.e. it also looks like a 17". :wink:

Totally ludicrous. This is just another attempt to erode our fair use rights. Many backups of games that I own will not play from a burner. :frowning:

who buys gateway shit or dell or packard or any of the other over priced hardware lacking crap anyway ill just buid me own for a who lot less oh and the reason for there changes is simple to try and justify there ludicrist prices :7

I found out a while back that the best PC you can get is one you build yourself. :slight_smile: You get the features you want and when I built a PC, it came out a little over half the price of a new one. Also, when you buy a motherboard, it is far more customisable and expandable than the an OEM board, e.g. in Dell, Compaq, etc. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t know much or anything about hardware or building PCs and this what the big companies take advantage of. I’ve seen many new PCs that people have bought recently where the shop has put a password on the BIOS. :frowning: