Gateway p-6860fx heating issues and bios is acting weird made up password for itsself

hi im new here i have introduced myself, however i am having some problems with my gateway p-6860 fx.1.I have a question my p-6860fx is idling at 45-59 celsius im running windows 7 x64 ultimate, hard drive disc WD scorpio black 7200 rpm checks smart test ok, memory passes, motherboard passes, it shows no errors, on anything, it did get to 80 celsius before i cleaned and applied icd7 on it last night,with usual antivirus avast, malwarebytes and regular idle processes, it was a little dirty i have it propped up so fans get plenty of air i dont hear them go faster or work harder when it gets hot like on my other gateways, i cleaned it even cleaned fans with q-tip one blade at a time, fans are working and applied i icd7, now max temp running everything wide open 15 minutes is 60 celsius tops
2, is there a cooler bios i can run? will the 78 series bios work on the 6860 fx without bricking it, i ran bemchmark test 100% for 15 minutes 100% load at 57 celsius ok for it?
3. also on the bios it has factory bios on it, i have never set password for bios now it has one. noone else uses my laptops, does anyone know of removal for this its phoenix bios trusted core i beleive. ive tried these remedys so far with no luck, all bios master key wouldnt work ,backdoor passwords, used dogberts checksum calculator for master password, and the russian one where you get bad code 3 times and input number and it gives you master password, still gives same error code after 3 tries 05324 and sais system disabled, i dont know who to contact as gateway support is NO help, i am original owner with receipt.
4 , is there a way to reset bios i have flashed bios still same error code, or recover it with no password, any help would be greatly appreciated and im new if i posted in wrong section please let me know and ill try to move to right place, i try to follow all rules, any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated thanks, turbo

I am not sure about your heating problem. Laptop heat up- you can use an external fan and see if that helps. Let us start with password in bios. You have to get manual to see if you can remove cmos battery for a few minutes and see if that resets the bios to no password. You could also have a virus .

Is this your product on the Gateway support website?

Under User Guides, there’s a Components Replacement Manual that might give you a hint about locating the CMOS Reset option - which can wipe out the BIOS Password.

Wow - does this thing have two hard-drive carriages? Cool-!

For cooling options, as noted above, there’s a cooling pad possibility but notebooks are limited. If the CPU is overheating and shuts the system down, then that’s a hardware fault and probably its fan-system is caked up with dust, debris or has decided to stop working (or working well enough, at least). Some of the cooling pads offer solutions, but I’ve seen a variety of methods to try to force more cool air into the intakes when the notebook sits in one place, on a desk all the time - plastic funnels with a desk-fan, for example.

yes all p series gateway gaming laptops have room for original drive and 2nd one for raid or storage, i love them except mine doing the password thing ive looked everywhere and im about to try the phoenix crysis recovery disc has anyone used it or can tell me how, i have bios passworded!!!backed up so im not worried about messing it up, ive even tried the hash code generators, i cant find a manual for a p-6860fx to see if you can short the jumpers i think thats very old laptops or desktops, id cleaned it and its so clean its like new i put icd7 on cpu videocard n heatsincs so i guess in the 50s celsius isnt bad, i looked where can i find this ?>> Under User Guides, there’s a Components Replacement Manual that might give you a hint about locating the CMOS Reset option - which can wipe out the BIOS Password. i even looked in user guide for the computer on gateway no help as usual. its clean no viruses,for messing up password ive read a lot sometimes they make password on their own just electronics i guess, i used code generator to try it on my p-7805u and it worked great for bios password so i think it may have bios malfunction somehow. it really doesent hurt anything just bothers me if i need into bios lol, ok i gotta get to bed thanks for your answers theyre really appreciated, ill work with it more tomorrow, thanks turbo