Gateway offers new deal, up to 2.000 preloaded songs on new PC

I just posted the article Gateway offers new deal, up to 2.000 preloaded songs on new PC.

According to an article on Yahoo!News, computer maker Gateway has teamed up with Pressplay, the major label-backed online music subscription company, formed by Vivendi Universal and Sony Music…

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Soon their PCs will be sold themed by the music on the disk e.g. “alternative soul”, “baroque post vivaldi”, “intelligent drum n bass”… no, only kidding, the bundled songs will all be saccharine mainstream crap.

Gateway computers are nothing but overpriced non upgradable junk.They just dont realize its NOT GOING TO WORK.

ya gotta give gateway some cred here, they are trying. I don’t see dell or compaq attempting to appeal to the consumer. And does anyone recall the one commercial that pissed off Hillary? not exact quote: Hey where’d you get that? Oh I downloaded it off the net and burned it on my gateway PC. And of curse gateways other commercial that must’ve really annoyed dell: Dude you STILL getting a Dell? They are so trying