Gateway keyboard problems

I’m having problems with my Gateway MD7801u. Apparently, there is supposed to be a feature where you can turn the volume up on the touch sensitive controls next to the keyboard. The controls light up when my computer freezes up, but at any other time (when I actually want to use them) they don’t work. Looks like there is a volume control on the right, then on the left there are touch sensitive controls for playing DVD player. Maybe I have disabled them? Any suggestions?

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usually, there are special drivers or a piece of software needed for these features.
Please check the support options of your laptop manufacturer:


In other words mciahel is certainly on the right track,

But Generally speaking, on laptops those “touch sensitive” audio controls “aren’t”…
(“touch sensitive” that is…) They APPEAR to be and they are called “touch sensitive”,
but how it’s REALLY accomplished is via an infared LED and a photo cell which read the
reflection off your fingertip

In either case it is less likely that they have stopped working because of a “failure” of anything
other than the drivers that tell the notebook to respond to them.

Unless you’ve had the laptop apart recently?

I know on my very similar Dell notebook the cable to those controls is very easily pinched in the retaining clips that hold the switch panel/hinge cover to the notebook.

Gateway drivers are often available, but depending on how old it is you may have to search a bit on their site.
The Gateway name is now owned by Acer.

Just avoid sites like :“Driver wiz” and similar sites, try to get the drivers from Gateway/Acer


Thank you Michael. I searched the gateway site and really couldn’t find anything to help me. It’s really not a big deal, just more annoying than anything that I have something that I can’t use! It would be nice to use for volume.