Gateway DVD Drive Replacement

Hello all this is my first post here. I have a small problem. I have a gateway MX8530 and I would like to replace the DVD drive. It is a multi-write dive that writes to DL disks at 2.4x. The problem is that all I get is coasters with the DL media and I have tried many brands. I have updated the firmware several times and tried everything to get it to write to the DL media. It’s the Philips SDVD8441 and I’ll just call it JUNK.

I would like to replace the drive with this one:

Here is the view of the current drive I have:

Here is my problem. All the drives I have looked at to replace the Philips have a square face plate. By the picture you can see that the Philips drive has points that extend out on either side of the face plate. If I put the Pioneer drive in there will be an ugly gap on either side of the drive. The drive has a tray and many of the ones I find are slot loading so I don’t think I could swap face plates or if that is even possible. Do you guys have any recommendation on what to do in this situation? Any help would be appreciated. I’m anal about details like this and could never have those gaps open on my notebook.


I found one that is tray loading;

Will it be possible for me to remove the front door of the Philips drive and put it on the new drive? I have never changed a slim drive in a notebook before.


Would it help if I confided in you that I am hopelessly desperate and have a cocked .45 in my hand??



I wouldn’t have thought that Philips drives were particularly bad .

It’s entirely possible that the way you’re try to burn the DL disks , or the media you’re using is the problem.

Verbatim is the only media to use.

What media have you used and what apps have you used? What has actually gone wrong with the burns?

What makes me think it is junk is I can’t find info on it anywhere. The only thing I found was a firmware update from gateway and that didn’t work. Sometimes I burn a movie and it works fine. Sometimes the movie will skip excessively and sometimes the DVD player will say disk error and not play it at all. I’ve burnt about 12 movies with DVD Cloner III and I got two good ones. The drive burns like a champ to 4.7 gig media, no coasters at all. I’m looking for reliable DL performance. I bought Memorex DL +R after about 5 coasters I went and bought Verbatim. The Memorex would usually say burn failed at 50% completion and the Verbatim would burn to completion then get disk error in the DVD player.

It pisses me off that they put those add shaped bezels on these notebooks. Why not just keep them square?


Thanks for all the help… Bang!

As far as I’m concerned the only way to burn a DL movie - that is a 1:1 copy I assume - is to rip it to your hard drive with DVD Decrypter in ISO read mode. That creates a large ISO image which you then burn with the same app or ImgBurn. This process keeps the layer break in the correct place. The other thing is to ensure that the disk is bitset/booktyped to DVD-ROM. This maybe automatic with your burner.

Finally MEMOREX media is to be avoided like the plague.

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I found this link for a firmware update.

Your best solution might be an external burner via USB2 or firewire.

I’ve had the same problems with my Phillips SDVD8820 (came w/ Gateway Laptop): The Ritek DVD+R DL discs I purchased skip during playback in settop players, but the drive burns regular DVD-R’s pretty much flawlessly.

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the only DL media that can be trusted, is Verbatim. Don’t blame the drive if your Ritek (or whatever else) does not work properly.