Gateway AR-230 FW issues

Hello everyone,
I just picked up a Gateway AR-230 which is a refurb. It was the only DVD recorder that I could find under $300 CAD that had a Firewire in. I had a couple of recording issues and when I called Gateway they said that the problem could be fixed by going from the 1139 FW to the 1163 FW. I have read about using the Lite-On fw as the AR-230 is a rebranded Lite-On. I didn’t want to do that just yet as I’m afraid that the store that I bought it from would not honor the warranty if it said Lite-On when you turned it on.

I downloaded the FW from Gateway and extracted it. I burned it to a CD and everytime I try to do the upgrade, instead of bringing up an Upgrade screen when I closed the tray, it says LOAD, the flashes File and spits the disc out. I have tried unplugging the unit, powering up with the FW cd in, making the name of the disc mediatek and no luck. The only whay the I could get it to not spit it out was if I had the unit in the setup screen when I closed the drive, but then when every I tried to do anything, it just gives me the circle with the slash and says File on the front panel and Data Disc on the screen.

Here is the fun part. I contacted Gateway again and they told me that the dealer that I bought it from is not a Gateway dealer (meaning that the dealer is selling off refurb’ed units) and being that Gateway will not provide warranty on the unit, then they will not provide any tech support. I asked what would happen if I had bought it from Gateway directly and the warranty period had run out, could they help me then? She said that they don’t provide any tech support for out of warranty products. I then said “So you are telling me that if I had bought your equipment directly and it was out of warranty, that you would basicly leave me high and dry?” “Well, um…I can only do what my job allows.” No more cow products will be bought by me!

Can anyone help? The file name of the FW is Gwea1163.d02

$300CAD is $244 US at current rate. I hope you didn’t buy this Gateway recently. :sad:
The AR 230 should be a LiteOn 5001 (recent US prices about $130 new).

All firmware upgrade carry a certain risk, especially one that is not ‘factory authorized’.
You may be able to update the firmware this way
Note that the author really meant to write is that there are two firmwares available, one for the recorder ‘system’ and one for the drive ‘burner’. You may also need to do a system reset (setup men) and unplug the system if the CD is not recognized the first time:

Full user opinion
As a user of this product, I can say from experience that most of the negative reviews are true. However, since the Gateway is really the Lite-On model LVW-5001, to remedy the major recording problems I contacted the original manufacturer of the recorder (Lite-On, They provided me with the following information to update the recorder software:
Please use the follow serial # to obtain the file update; there should be 2 files: 1 for software update, and 1 for firmware update.


Please follow the instruction from the website and make sure to unzip or unrar
the files before burning it to CD, and burn 1 file per CD.
After updating my recorder software, I have significantly less problems with this recorder. Every now and then I may have to unplug it, to let the system reset, and then it works fine. Gateway has discontinued selling this model due to its poor performance. You can press Gateway for at least a $100 in-store credit as compensation. Good luck!

No, no. I paided $150CAD for this one. To get any other unit with a Firewire in, they started at about $300. That one was a Daytek, which I beleave is a re-branded Lite-On as well.

Well, here is the update. I said then hell with it. The unit wouldn’t take the Gateway firmware no how. Gateway was telling me to go fly a kite. I made another coster when the unit locked up when the DV camcorder stopped, so I figured what could I loose with the Lite-On FW? If it didn’'t work, I could try and take it back. (I might have to play dumb. Not too hard for me. :slight_smile: )

I downloaded the fw for the system. The unit saw the disc right away and took it without a problem. Then I did the drive. It took fine. Then the 1180 FW. Not a problem. Then I figured what the heck. I loaded the hacked 1180 and it worked.

So far I have burned about 5 discs in 2hr mode with out a problem. The last one I did however, I paused the camera and recorder while recording from Firewire and then I stopped the recorder. It locked up. I was under the beleif that this problem was fixed in the fw. Am I wrong or is it just my luck? The recorder was very warm as well. Is there any tricks to prevent this from happening and making more coasters?

I’ve updated my Gateway AR-230’s firmware three times since I bought it.
I’m currently on version 1180. BTW, once I updated the Gateway logo was
replaced with the Lite-On logo (and reliability improved from dreadful to
merely lousy). I found the firmware at Lite-On’s site:

To get the serial number they want you to enter, turn on your AR-230, hit the
“setup” button, and observe the serial number displayed (dimly) at the top of
the screen. The third (from the left) quadruplet is the current firmware version.
Thus, my s/n was: 0101-0143-1180-xxx-xxx(0109), where “1180” is the firmware

Note: burn the new firmware onto a CD, not a DVD :slight_smile:
(and, IIRC, a plain write-once-only CD, not a CDRW)

Doing this worked for me when powering up my 5005 with the firmware update cd in did not work, like it did when it did not work before and I left the cd in it overnight and when I powered it on the update took. Other people have pulled the plug and let it sit for a while and them put the plug back in and the update took. I also tried this this time and it did not work.

I went to the setup screen with the update cd in the tray and hit restore defaults and bingo, it recognized the same cd that it did not recognize 3 times previously and the update took without a problem. I