Gates: Windows 7 will "take less memory, be more efficient"

It can be argued that Microsoft’s main focus with Windows Vista was security. While skeptics try to claim that there has not been much improvement, Vista does appear to be Microsoft’s most secure OS to date.



“Take less memory”, now when memory is that cheap. :confused:

Should we also take a wild guess that all those features that were planned to be included in Vista, now finally shows up in Windows 7? :iagree:

I like Vista, it’s more stable than what I experienced with XP. If a program crashes, no need to reboot as with previous Windows versions.

That’s what they said with all the new OS releases…until they were out long enough to get hacked more.

I welcome a leaner and meaner Windows as a follow up to Vista. I also think they should make it 64 bit and no 32 bit. It is getting past the point where 32 bit operating systems are necessary, IMO. Especially considering the speed difference I have seen between Vista 32 and 64 bit versions.

hmmmm they need to combine all the os’ and get a sys that is fast reliable sacure and looks good… not to mention easy to use (for the older generations)

Windows 7 = Microsoft Linux? Lolololololol!

At any rate, I wouldn’t suggest that DRM be called “security”, nor their UAC, which is so annoying that anyone that’s 1/2 I.T. literate turns off within the first few minutes after a fresh install …

Yeah…we’ll just wait and see how awe-inspiring this one turns out to be.