Gas Prices Drive Man to Commute by Horse



Ahh, North Dakota, it’s still populated by a group of people that are tough as nails. I know, I work with someone who grew up there. Also, they are an independent and determined bunch as anyone who has seen the movie “Fargo” can appreciate. Anyway, here is an example of how you can’t push these people around even if you are seemingly holding all the cards like these darn oil companies. Giddyup Jim! :clap:

MINOT, N.D. (AP) - Jim Jundt was so determined to rein in his spending on gasoline that he got out of bed early and rode his 14-year-old quarterhorse mare to work.

Jundt lives 15 miles south of Minot and works as a mechanic at Goodyear Tire & Auto Service in the city.

He said he and his co-workers had been talking about rising fuel prices, and he joked that he would ride his horse to work if gasoline ever hit $3 a gallon.

His co-workers laughed, but when the price at the pump soared to $3.20 last week, Jundt headed for the barn.

He said he was only five minutes late riding his mare, Patty, to work.

While he worked, Patty waited patiently, eating hay out of the back of a truck.


bloody Americans always moaning :slight_smile: j/k but seriously, petrol prices here have risen to £4.27/$7.84 a gallon, even at normal times we pay over $6 a gallon


in polish … soon gas will cost 5 zl for 1L … ppl working here … gets about 1500zl+ on moth … so dont complain …


theres a petrol station in derby selling unleaded @£1.03 per litre deisel @£0.99 per litre :frowning:


Well… today I read that here in the Netherlands, gas is the most expensive on earth…



i got question … how much in $ average ppl get payed in month ?? compare it whit price of 1 L of Gas

Poland… let me see

5zl / 1500zl++ == 0,00(3)

so its ~3,33% of that what u get in 1 moth …

ofkorz some ppl gets 4000 - but its abouve average …

5zl / 4000zl == 0,00125

so its ~1,25% of their moth payment

and we talking about 1L … not galon


No pic of Patty? :confused:


A pity those in the know do not get together and get on the news, proclaiming all the alternatives to oil and ‘gas’ or petrol as we know it in the UK. So many alternatives hushed up in the name of big companies making money and politicians afraid to tell the truth.


Perhaps the title could have included more puns, such as “High Gas Prices Drive Man to Use Horse Sense” or “Commuting with Alternative Horsepower.” :wink: Anyway, I also know people in Minot and other places in N.D., and they are truly the hearty sort.

Honestly, we should complain less about “higher” gas in the US, when it’s so much higher in the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, and yes…by the liter… :frowning: I remember times in 1996/1997 when we traveled to Mexico by van and had to fill up a few times at PEMEX stations. Even then, it was the equivalent of about $3.50/gal once I added up the price per liter–and that was for low-octane gas that also made your engine knock. I wondered then how anyone in Mexico got around at all, when the minimum wage was (and still is) about $4.50 USD/day.

We do have a lot of taxes on our gasoline here in the US, although that pales to how much taxes are obviously placed in gas elsewhere in the world, as has been mentioned here. :frowning: