Gartner: Number of sold Windows Phones halved in a year’s time



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In the fourth quarter of 2015 about 4.5 million Windows smartphones have been sold, according to market research company Gartner. That’s about half of the number of phones sold in the same timeframe last year, when 10.4 million phones were sold.

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Of course sales of Windows phones has fallen…windows 10 mobile is not only in beta testing. People are wating for the operating system to be finalized before buying a phone. In addition, there are a very limited number of phones running windows mobile at all.

Once more are released the numbers will skyrocket! I would love to get a Sony phone running Windows 10 mobile if they would bother to release it in the US!

Watch out iPhone…why you think Apple is rushing to release cheap phones worldwide…they know perfectly that Windows 10 mobile is going to explode once they release the final version of the OS and they have phones out there to run it from Asus, Sony, and of course, Microsoft!


My main problem with the Windows phone is the lack of apps compared to my Android phone especially local ones…Â


Honestly, I doubt Windows phones will be able to compete witht he likes of IOS or Android. Heck, Microsoft couldn’t even compete with PalmOS. If Wincows CE can’t compete with a now-dead OS, I doubt Windows 10 will be able to compete in the tablet/smart phone market.