Garmin withdraws all navigation apps from App Store and Google Play Store

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Garmin has decided to withdraw all its navigation apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. From the 14th of May this year, the apps Navigon, Navigon Regions and Navigon Cruiser will disappear from the apps stores. Existing users can continue to use the apps for at least two years, according to Garmin on its website.

I suspect this approach will lose them customers rather than gain them.

I personally think that the days of standalone car navigation systems are near an end.
My new Honda Civic Sport 1.5T has a Garmin navigation system. I have 5 years of free map updates, so the maps are pretty much up to date.

My car also has Android Auto, and I tend to prefer Waze, or Google maps for navigation over the build in Garmin navigation, simply because both Google maps and Waze has up to the second live traffic info, whereas the Garmin system really only has accurate traffic info for the big cities.

Navigon navigation were one of the best I ever had, it´s a pity.

I drive daily the notorious A3 in Germany, which have almost daily traffic jams and still Tomtoms HD Traffic is the best you can get.

If my next car don´t have a built-in-navigation with HD Traffic I will continue to use my standalone-TT.

I also have a Garmin Nüvicam with “Here”-services and it can´t match TTs HD-Traffic

Yeah I think the cash cow of previous years is almost fully miked particularly now most people have free navigation facilities on their phone.

TBH Google has played a very proactive part in changing things.

Standalone navigation goes down since years.

Another manufacturer, United Navigation (Becker, Falk), have also quit this business.

At least Tomtom, Garmin, Mio (+ Magellan). a-rival (which also produce for many cheap brands) are available here.

Still wonder in time of more and more traffic that many brands sell PNDs with no realtime-traffic. The standard-system “TMC” is outdated since many years.

Waze via Android Auto on the Honda Civic.
Waze uses Google maps, but adds more features such as speed camera detection and warnings.

waze honda civic

I don´t know where you live, but in Germany Google isn´t so good as TTs HD Traffic, I see it often when there is traffic jam and I´m always be faster than my collegues with Google

I’m in Scotland UK.
I have a TomTom and will have to use sat nav tomorrow for a fairly long journey, so I’ll use both TT and Waze and see how they compare for navigation and live traffic info.

Thank you, would be interesting which experience you will have there

I couldn’t check live traffic on the TT as my ‘live services’ subscription ended in Dec last year, and I didn’t renew as the new car had the built in Garmin unit.

Anyway. Waze got me there through some very busy traffic on the A1, A720 and M8, and always gave accurate info on where there was slow moving traffic, or the traffic had come to a standstill.

On the return journey, the traffic was much less, and I was able to enjoy the drive much better. The only concern was slowing down fast enough when Waze reported a speed check camera ahead. :slight_smile:

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