Garfield the Movie UK R2

When I try to back this disk up it causes CloneDVD a few headaches.

I have AnyDVD with the ‘Jump to Main Movie’ option enabled [saves the children messing with the menus], I clone the whole disk and then drop out all the titles that I don’t want - FACT warning [title 9] and title 12 which has many audio streams but only 1 chapter of a few seconds being two of them. When I remove these from the list of selected titles Clone DVD grabs 99% of the CPU for about 20 - 30 seconds before returning to normal.

CloneDVD then works its magic fine, but the resulting output [to DVD files] contains both title 9 and 12. :eek: The FACT banner is still there, but the short movie about how downloading is illegal has gone. I tried a couple of times but the same thing happens every time. Other movies with the same FACT banner and ‘advert’ have transcoded fine and the FACT banner has been removed too.