Garbled audio on ConvertXtoDVD

Hi there everybody :smiley:

Before I bought the ConvertXtoDVD program, I got the trial version first. Then when I bought the full version, the DVD video came out great and the watermark was not there, but the audio was all garbled and slow like in the trial version. I burned it again on a different DVD and the problem was still there. Even in my DVD player, WMP and Power DVD the garbled audio is still there. Anybody have any suggestions?


Hi there,

Without seeing a full conversion log, it’s real hard to guess what is going on !

Sorry :doh: . I have figured out the problem though. The problem was that I wasn’t looking closely at the log which said:

8/3/2006 12:57:16 AM warning Converting this file may cause poor result (audio glitches or out of sync).
8/3/2006 12:57:16 AM warning File “MENCIA_DISC1.MP4” has a container format (QuickTime/MPEG4 format) that is partially supported now.
8/3/2006 12:56:40 AM info User default language : 1033 (0x0409h) - English (United States)
8/3/2006 12:56:40 AM info System default language : 1033 (0x0409h) - English (United States)
8/3/2006 12:56:40 AM info Version
8/3/2006 12:56:40 AM info ExeName : "C:\Program Files\vso\ConvertXtoDVD\ConvertXtoDVD.exe"
8/3/2006 12:56:40 AM info OS : Microsoft Windows XP Personal Service Pack 2 (Build 2600)
8/3/2006 12:56:38 AM info ******************** Report session started ********************

The movies I downloaded were in MPEG4 format, and I was playing them in Quicktime and it came out fine. When I burned it on using ConvertXtoDVD however, the audio came out garbled on my home DVD player and on Windows Media Player. I didn’t realized that it wasn’t compatible. My only problem now is how to convert from Quicktime to something playable on WMP and on my DVD player. Any suggestions?