Garbled 5 minute into movie

I’m having a problem playing the discs I copy. I copy the movie to the harddrive and play them either on my networked dvd player or the computer and also burn them to a disc using Nero for my standalone dvd player and roughly 5 minutes into any movie I’m getting garbled video then it’s fine the rest of the movie. A friend is also experiencing this. Any idea if there is fix coming for this or if it is a known problem?

Thanks for any help.

I just used WinDVD to watch the first 10 minutes of “Superman Returns” which I ripped to my hard drive earlier today. No garble. This may not be an unknown problem but it is not a common problem. I used Platinum in customize mode to produce the files. Haven’t had time to burn them yet to see how they will play from DVD.

If you would post a little more information, someone might be able to give you more help than I have (What movie(s), which version of which product did you use, etc.)

also had same prob. used dvdfabdecrypter and nero, what I found was that I would play file on pc w/win media player played fine but all dvd players except xbox would be garbled even gave movies to friends to watch same thing happened-bad media(2 100 pk spindles of WINDATA 16X)gave blank discs to other ppl to burn on same thing…but I could burn at 4X and get success 50% of the time, but a waste of time.use nero and scan disc

It sounds like nero, burner and media are not playing nice. Suggestions: To verify that it is a burn issue, try playing the files of the HDD with WinDVD or PowerDVD. Download the 30-day free trial of DVDFab Platinum and see if the VSO burning engine produces better results with the media you are using. Reduce burn speed.