Garbage collection in solid state drives

Ars Technica has an useful little article on garbage collection in SSD’s. Written for those of us a bit less informed on the subject, so even I could understand it. :slight_smile:

Well written article, but many fundamental errors in content.

1, 10,000 write cycle NAND hasn’t been used for more than a year. The current is 5,000 cycles, and will soon be 3,000 cycles when 25nm NAND becomes mainstream.

2, SandForce controllers do not do aggressive garbage collection, they have a large pool of NAND to work with, which is cleaned in a quite lazy fashion, and pooled in and out of reserve when required. That’s is the major reason they perform so well. As a side effect, this method also increases durability.

3, Indilinx Barefoot is well known to have the most aggressive garbage collection, so aggressive in fact that Indilinx slowed it down with a firmware update, as they found this was hitting durability quite hard.