Garage door makers battle over DMCA



I just posted the article Garage door makers battle over DMCA.

  If you thought that the DMCA was  a law just used to make it illegal to break copy-protections, share copyrighted  files, etc. relating to multimedia, think again.  Chamberlain, a company...
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Luckily for us, the new EU anti-waste proposals look set to ban epson et al. from being allowed to use those chips the way they do now, lets hope we get a sensible law through from brussels for once!


I guess what we are seeing here is what happens when laws are passed by politicians owned by big corporations…problem now is to stop this spread of greed and madness…lets keep it in gooberland… WAKE UP AMERICA…what happened to “by the people for the people”…:X


This reminds me of a crying spoiled baby for some strange reason.


This is what goes on when we get to excess in trials and excess in trial reasons…