Gaps in the middle of the songs, skips, error reading CD

Win2000 pro
CDRW – Nec 7700A
Soft: RecordNow MAX V4
Before was creating a lot of Music CD never have a problem!
Now when I create Music CD and play in Car stereo I having gaps in the middle of the songs, skips, error reading CD!
What is wrong?
Use of different blank CD does not help!

  1. this is not a Living Room topic

  2. please describe your problem in a few words in the title so others can see what it is about

  3. Have you tried decent media (A-brand media)?

  4. Have you tried burning at lower speed?

  5. Have you tried different software, for example Nero (free demo can be downloaded at )?

Yes! I tried many brand of media.
I tried Different software (EZCD Creator 5.0).
Same result!
What room I shod use?

The room it is in now would suffice, thanks to the mod/admin who moved it for you :wink:

And you say that with the current setup you were able to create perfectly playing cds before? They did also play well in your car stereo?

Car stereo’s are usually more sensitive to backups. So have you tried playing that particular CD in a home stereo? If so, do you experience the same problems there?

Things should work properly, but in some cases the setup may be screwed because of software errors that clog your system. If all else fails, you can try a whole system reinstal, that may help sometimes.

But have you also tried burning at lower speeds? (poin 4 in my previous post)
This might help too.