Gaps in sound with my dvd burns



Hi i am having a frustrating experience, can you guys help?
when i burn an iso file i get problems with the sound when i watch the dvd. it seems to miss small sections of sound at first then it appears to get worse, i have tried slow burns, different burning progs to no avail, i have nero6 and dvd fab 5 with a nec 3500 burner. Please help im doing my nut here!:sad::bow:


Do you still have the source dvd that it was created from? I would go back and use that and recreate it again. Then burn another backup copy of it. What type of blank media are you using to burn to? From what it sounds like your iso file is a bad copy and it could only be resolved by recreating the iso image from it source again and then reburning it.


Might also try with the [I]latest[/I] DVDFab…


Thanks for the reply guys these are iso’s that i have downloaded. media is verbatim-r so OK quality there. to be honest it seems to happen to all of my dvd’s that i burn from iso so it makes me think that i may not just have a bad copy.


Yup!..Could be bad source files…


Is this a common problem then with downloaded isos?


Is this a common problem then with downloaded isos?

AFAIK, yes!..You never know what you’re DL’ing/getting…


my source comes from a relative abroard , he has a private server for me to access and he claims not to have any problems.


Don’t know [I]your[/I] source, so can’t comment on [I]their[/I] claims…Run the problem ISO(s) through DVDshrink and save a new file to HDD, and burn with Imgburn…DVDshrink is picky,(errors) if not proper DVD structure…
Just curious, but does the ISO play ok (all the way through) before burning on disc?