Gaps = Coaster?

i have a Lite-On 24102B and the Plex 24x burner.
am using CloneCD 4 Beta 30.

when i burn a disk at 16x speed with the Lite-On the led indicator stays red until the disk is finished burning, the drive does the whole burning process without stopping.
now when i burn a disk at 24x speed the drive pauses atleast twice.
is this normal for the Lite-On drives when burning at max speed?

doesn’t matter what speed i burn at with my Plex 24x, drive never stops until the disk is finished, no pauses at all.

my concern with the Lite-On is am i getting gaps on the disks i burn when it stops then starts again, and can this make a disk a coaster with these gaps?

Nope, this is not a problem at all. And all Zone-CLV writers do this(Switch off the laser when speeding up to next speed level). Your plextor also do this but you probably do not notice it on the light.

This is normal and should never cause any problems since the gap is shorter than gaps caused by dust(that’s so small that it’s nearly invisible) on the disc. Those very tiny gaps is easily corrected by the drives error correction functions and you will never notice them.

awesome, all i needed to know.

Laters !!!