Gaps between tracks?

How on earth do I, having converted the mp3’s of a concert into wav’s and using cdrwin to burn, get rid of the infuriating 1/75 second gap between tracks? Please help me I’m going insane.

Use another program that will allow you to burn DAO (Disc At Once). Adaptec 3.5 & 4+ deluxe versions both allow you to do that, but from wav, 4+ will allow you to use wavs. The one that comes bundled with most cd writers is not the deluxe version, this one inserts a 2 second gap in between songs.

I think Nero also allows you to do DAO with audio, but I wouldn’t know, I don’t use Nero for audio.


Can anyone please confirm that it works with Nero 5


Confirmed!!! (by me too)

nero -> select the tracks-> rightclick and choose properties-> put the pause between tracks on 0.