Gamming monitor 19", CRT, which one to get?

My goo old NEC FE771sb is slowing dying, after only 3 years… It was a good 17 inchers with crisp details… But i get flickering and disscoloration in the corners, everything below 85hz refresh rate is unusable, the diagnostic came in last week, theres nothing i can do…

I will now take a minute of silence in respect to my not so old and already dying monitor…

Ok, so i play games and watch movies on this. I want 19" and CRT of course, for games. Im leaning towards a Samsung 997, has .20 dot pitch and got very good reviews, plus its afordable at 310 CAN.

Is this a good buy? any of you own this model?


Well I don’t own that model, but I have a Samsung Samtron 96P (3 years old by now) and I’m really happy with it. Wouldn’t want to trade it for a 19" TFT! I prefer Samsung CRTs over most other common brands like Liyama. The sharpness is great and the colors are quite alright. ANd the price… just €150 at the time being. Pretty cheap for such a great screen. The one thing it can’t do is resolutions above 1600x1200 at a reasonable refreshrate (75Hz or better). But that’s a problem the 997 doesn’t suffer from :slight_smile:

Most discolouring is caused by the degausing circuit,check if you have a small button or it may be in the setup menu,when activated your screen will shimmer and flicker it should clear,maybe your speakers arent sheilded properly that can cause the poor colour as for the poor refresh rate right click desktop,go to properties,select monitor tab and check your refresh rate there,maybe its set wrong.good luck.

NEC monitors are very reliable and carry a 3 year warranty. My 17" is still going strong after 5 years of service.

Samsung 959NF are said to be a good CRT but if you want a bit better take a look at Philips 109P40. Personally I think that Samtron doesn’t make the cut but I’m picky.

No believe me, my NEC is dead. Brought it to a technician and he tole me it would cost almost the same to repaire than to buy a new one. Anything below 85 refresh rate is unusable, the screen shakes, not just discoloration. Not saying that NEC is a bad company, i just had a faulty monitor i guess. My 3 year warraty JUST expired, almost as if there was a timer in there :slight_smile:

Philips monitor aren’t as common here, having a hard time finding one. Which brand of monitors use the Trinitron tubes?


959NF uses Diamondtron.

No idea what Philips uses though.<catalog_gb_consumer%2Fcategories<monitors_pc_peripherals_gr_gb_consumer%2Fcategories<crt_monitors_ca_gb_consumer%26&productId=109P40_40_GB_CONSUMER&activeCategory=MONITORS_PC_PERIPHERALS_GR_GB_CONSUMER&fredhopperpage=detail.jsp&activeTab=specifications&language=en&country=GB&catalogType=CONSUMER

Sony G420

Sadly, sony no longer manufactuers (consumer) CRTs. They do have the Aritsan (but at $1400 it is not cheap). I recently had to get a new monitor as my Sony G400 finally died.

I settled on a NEC/Mitsubishi FE991SBK. It is quite nice, although it can not match the refresh rate of my old sony. The screen is totally flat (It seems the samsung CRTs have a curved surface below the flat glass part of the screen). The price ~$300 (including shipping) from Newegg. The Image quality is great, the SuperBright feature might come in handy when gaming.

This monitor is also supported by NaViset, an excellent software tool that can be used to set up and test the monitor (moire, color, geometry, etc.)

I settled on this monitor because I also spend a fair ammount of time using Photoshop.

*Curses 19" LCDs and their 5:4 resolution on 4:3 sized displays.

There are 16001200 4:3 and 19201200 16:10 resolution LCD monitors as well.

It seems the samsung CRTs have a curved surface below the flat glass part of the screen.

Many of Samsung CRT monitors use Mitsubishi CRTs.

I’m waiting for better 20+ inch LCD monitors that cost under US$200. Once about US$2,000, now about US$500, but still are too expensive compared to US$200 17-inch models and US$300 19-inch models. 8ms response time, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and other improved features are included in many of the latest but cheap 17-inch and 19-inch LCD monitors.

I was also worried about buying an LCD without being able to see it in person first. The brick and morter retail stores in my area are small. In addition, the reduced color depth of many fast-response LCDs was another turn-off for me. I do a lot of photo work and graphics stuff. When it comes to image quality, I am quite picky and want to squeeze everything I can for my limited $$$.