Gamming mobo & cpu

Hello, Im looking for assistance if your a gammer u can deffinately help. Im trying to decide which way to go Intel Or Asus. ATI or Nivida. I was told to go with a duo core cpu, that the games out there don’t use the quad cores. And soon coming out the 8 cores. So im stuck with going Amd 6400 Black edition cpu or the E8600 from Intel. WHICH SHOULD I go with, Or what do yall Recomend. If money isn’t a question! Then what mobo is recomended. And What cards should I run, and how many? And still have enogh room to run a exteme gammer sound card. and something else if I need too. Any help would be greatley appreciated. Of corse im new at this and you probrably get asked alot but, I need to know from the pros. Thanks

Lets use the other thread :wink: