Gaming Speaker System

I have brand new HP Pavillion dv8000 17" laptop to which i purchased Altec Lansing XA 2021 3-pc Gaming Speaker System to use as external speakers. The problem is when i hook up the speaker system to the laptop, sound comes out from laptop but NOT from the Altec Lansing speakers. I plugged the audio cable(green) to the laptop input marked as mic. am i missing something like special setting adjustment on the lappy? Ipod works fine with the speaker system so i dont think they are defective. TIA

this is your problem, you need to find either an audio output or a headphone out and plug into that. I have an older 3pc Altec Lansing speaker set and they are awesome, I can shake the whole house without any distortion :smiley: enjoy!

hmm, will try when i get home. so altec lansing headphone out-----> laptop headphone in? never thought it would work bc the green wire prong doesnt fit all the way into the headphone input/output. will get back to you on that. tx

since the speakers work with the ipod the green cable is pluged into the right jack on the speakers, its just backwards on the laptop. you had it pluged into the mic. jack, which is an input, you need to find an output such as headphone out, speaker out, audio out, or whatever it happens to be labled as on your laptop (on most PCs it is color coded green, but I’m not sure if this is the case on laptops)

it worked like a charm, many thanx :bow:

no prob :slight_smile: