Gaming on a network


   I have a 5 port hub linksys my network

is up and running i’m wanting to head to head
with the other computer.Iv’e tried alot of things but can’t get the game to play on both computers at the same time,only one is on the internet so going on line and being a server wan’t work.Can’t seem to find anyone
out there that games that way.any help is nice


Make sure to setup an ip-adress for your network card (not your internet ip).
It should be something like this:

X is a different number on each computer.
Then just start the game on every computer, let 1 computer make a multipayer game (not through the internet) and the other computers should be able to join your game.

And ofcourse, first make sure the computers can find eachother under windows, if they can’t the problem lies somewhere else.