Gaming on a netbook

I recently purchased a cheap, low spec netbook for a lil bit of gaming and a big bit of college work. Only problem is I have no CD/DVD drive.
I purchased the command and conquer : the first decade on DVD (as it cannot be purchased online)
I installed the game on my netbook by sharing my PC’s CD drive as a network resource and accessing it accross my LAN.
My question, and problem is this, how can i play the game without the DVD.
The disk check does not recognize the disk across the LAN and mounting an ISO image does not work either.
I’m do not intend to request anything that may be illegal, i just want to play the game i purchased :sad:
Many thanks for any advice.
I made the ISO with Free ISO creator - 2007-2008 © MiniDVDSoft Limited
and mounted the ISO with Magic Disk from magicISO
both the PC and Netbook use windows XP home
I also contacted EA Games customer services line with this query and the were unable to help

Maybe this could help you:

Try making and then mounting an image with alcohol and its virtual drive.

If all else fails you can download Tiberian Sun, Dawn and Red Alert 1 right here for free, completely legitemate (It’s an EA server). These versions will defenitely install without a optical device.

^ Nice to know. Whilst Tiberian Sun wasn’t much of a game both C & C Tiberian Dawn and the original Red Alert were outstanding. :slight_smile: