Gaming motherboard/processor: what's the best combination?

What should I go with for gamming? AMD 6400 Black Edition or the E8600 CPU. What motherboard should I go with either way? If You can give any info. It woould be greatley appreciated!

in general AMD made the fastest CPU’s once the athlon’s came along from around the year 2000 all the way til mid 2006 … in mid2006 (which was a little after i built my ‘new pc’ :frowning: ) Intel made the “core 2 duo” CPU and now Intel is back at the top in terms of speed.

so in other words if you get CPU’s of similar speed ranges (probably price ranges to?) Intel will obviously be faster.

just some general advice :wink:

p.s. ill let someone else get into more details as im to lazy to look around online about those CPU’s right now. lol

At stock speeds, the e8600 is going to be faster though the 6400 isn’t too far behind. Whats the price difference where you are looking at buying? You are also in the price range where a quad core might give better gaming performance in the same price range. You pay a premium for really high clock speeds on the 8600/6400.

I’ve heard that the games out right now can’t use the Quad Cores. I’ve had people tell me to go with Intel CPU. But what is the hype about the AMD 6400 Black Edition and the Spider Platform. IS it just talk? Or should I go with an Intel Ccip and different mobo. I need to start building a system. So any help would be great! If you could chose any mobo and chip what would it be? O ya Nvida or Ati?

Is ther a certain forum I need to go too. I need helpful tips for building a gamming computer. Thanks if anyone can help

The General Hardware forum here at cdfreaks would be one place to look for information.

But there are other forums that are more oriented towards building gaming computers. I suggest you look at the system guides at Ars Technica to get a handle on what is available, and what is recommended depending on your price range.

All three of those guides are designed for gaming as a primary function, but you’ll notice the God Box is unbelievably expensive. Most of us settle for the Budget build, the Hot Rod or a mix of the two.

There are other hardware forums too, like The Tech Report, Anandtech and HardOCP. You might want to look through their recommendations too.

Thanks Kerry and all. :flower:

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Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS4 and two Radeon 4870X2 :wink:

A gigabyte board huh Dizzy, what a surprise hehe.

So imkidd57, how much are you looking to spend and what if any components are you going to be re-using. We’ll (Dizzy and I) build you a couple systems and you can do what you want. AMD systems will save some money and still perform well, Intel systems are little bit more expensive but if you know how to overclock you can get a cheaper chip that can perform just as good as the most expensive ones.

If u cold go all out, what would you do? I heard the Quad cores ain’ t really good for the games right now. do I go with the E8600 or the 6400 black edition. intel or amd. Or what ever u recomend. I need to decide on chip. Then the mobo have no clue. I know someone thats going to show me everything about overclocking. But he said I have to decide on the system. I plan on running extreme gammer sond card and maybe something else. Video cards do I go with Ati or Nvida and How many what kind and will I have the room For the sond card and maybe something else. Any help would Greatley Apppreciate it. I need to start ordering Thank u!!!

AMD have way slower CPUs than Intel so Intel is your best bet if you want performance, while Quad can be/are faster it doesn’t really apply on games since they don’t thread great on more cores than two and since dual core usually are clocked higher than quad you get better performance.

[QUOTE=eric93se;2126605]So imkidd57, how much are you looking to spend …[/QUOTE]Hehe… Thanks for the offer, but it’s [B]kirdog69[/B] that is in need! :smiley:

[QUOTE=imkidd57;2126704]Hehe… Thanks for the offer, but it’s [B]kirdog69[/B] that is in need! :D[/QUOTE]

lol, well he said he’s willing to go all out, so what would you say a budget for an all out system would be :wink:

Well if you want to OC then getting a E8400/E8500 is the best bet, because they will all OC to around 4Ghz with good air cooling. But for an all out gaming system then a quad core like the Q9450 is your best choice because their are a good handful of games that do use all cores and their will be more games soon. Also the price of the Q9450 is almost the same as the E8600 anyway. You might want to consider a water cooling system if you go quad core and want to OC a lot, if stock speeds or a medium OC are good enough for you then a good cooler like the thermalright ultra extreme 120 is the way to go.

The reason that I recommended a quad core is that games are starting to come out that do use all 4 cores. I do stand corrected though, with most games currently on the market, the dual core will outperform due to higher clock speeds. I always like to think ahead though. I would ask yourself, how long do you want this computer to last? Obviously you are going with high enough processors that you should get a good life out of any of them. If you are the kind of person that has to have the latest, greatest, and will upgrade the cpu in a year, then the dual core with the faster clock speed would be the way to go for now. If you are the kind of person that wants bragging rights over the fastest benchmarks (it actually matters to a lot of gamers), the dual core with the faster clock would be better. If you want a computer that has the potential to last longer I would think that quad core would be better. That is of course assuming that more games are written in the future that can take advantage of quad cores (as has been said, right now, most don’t, but I assume they will).
I googled and found a benchmark that shows the difference.

Here is a chart where you can kind of get a comparison of cpu’s including some gaming benchmarks. Unfortunately, the e8600 is not on there but the e8500 is, and the clock speed is close (e8500 is 3.16, e8600 is 3.3). check the ones you want to compare on the left, and click compare to see all the benchmarks on one screen.

Fyi, the other reason that I don’t like going with the fastest clock speed out there, is cost vs performance. The e8500 is 190$ on newegg right now, the e8600 is 270$ (80$ more for 0.17 stock clock increase). Both have 6MB cash. Its possible that the e8600 overclocks better (so higher demand, higher price), but I don’t know off the top of my head. A q9400 is also 270$ (0.67 slower on the clock but quad core), and a q9550 is 325$ (2.83 so 0.50 slower on the clock but quad core). The q9650 is 550$ so 225$ more (the q9550 runs 2.83, the q9660 runs 3.00, so 225$ for a 0.17 clock increase, you really pay a premium for the fastest processor, just like with the 8500/8600).

As far as the spider platform, I’m not that farmiliar with it, but I had though it was intended to match a quad core with 4 graphics processors, streamlined through a compatible amd motherboard? Anyone know more?